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September 01 2017


What exactly is YouTube Promotion?

 YouTube promotion is a term that encompasses quite a few things, but we’re going to define the range relevant to Grin for the purposes of this article. Basically, YouTube promotion is using anything you can to promote your YouTube channel by bringing it to a wider audience or improving the quality of the content that you create. In that light, there’s quite a few ways to go about promoting your YouTube channel. Promotion leads to views, which leads to engagements, which leads to adviews, which leads to money. If your goal is to continue growing your following on YouTube, you should use all tools at your disposal including.

Buy youtube comments arab About The Grin Platform

The Grin Platform is our primary offering. With the Grin Platform, you can interact with a wide variety of content creators who are selling their services. These services can all serve as a form of YouTube promotion, either in the form of spreading your channel to a wider audience or helping you improve your videos/channel. Visit Site

For Shoutouts

People talk about shoutouts frequently, but often understate their value. By getting a shoutout from another creator, they expose a large portion of their audience to your content. Once someone has been exposed to one of your videos, or your channel as a whole, a lot more goes on than just the initial view. Sure, you get ad revenue for the people who click on your video- but what about the people who watch it all the way through? This is where they’ll stop, think, and decide if they want more. If they do, you’ll see your subscriber count go up. Once you’ve made a positive impression on someone, their subscribing to your content means your overall reach has increased, and you’re more likely to get repeated views from them in the future.

For Collaborations

YouTube promotion is collaboration. Collaboration involves two or more YouTube creators choosing to work together on content creation. If they plan on doing long-term, they may open a channel to host their new content. If it’s a one-off thing, they’ll have to decide which channel hosts the content (usually the bigger one), though sometimes the collaboration may stretch across two related videos, one for each channel, both linking to the other. Collaboration is significantly stronger than a shoutout, since the exposure is longer-term and reaches almost everyone who views both channels. In addition, the audience crossover isn’t one way- both audiences/channels can benefit from this one.

Using The Platform

Using The Platform

The Grin Platform offers access to all of these forms of YouTube promotion, in addition to a few more. To use the Platform,just click here and start browsing. You can use filters that sort by price, the service you’re looking for, the subscriber count of the person offering the service, etc. 

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